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The Indepedent: Minister's cold feet on waste plant funding sets precedent

Withholding of PFI cash due to protest is bad news for similar operations planned across country.

Plans to reduce Britain's dependency on landfill sites by using waste to create electricity were thrown into doubt yesterday after the Government raised last-minute objections to a key scheme.

Caroline Spelman, the Environment Secretary, has written to Norfolk County Council saying she is withholding £169 million of PFI funding for its waste incineration project until the council addresses local opposition.

King’s Lynn incinerator could have “significant effect” on nature reserves, warns Natural England

The government’s conservation adviser warns the county council shouldn’t give the “energy from waste” plant planning permission unless it can be certain it will not have an adverse effect on The Wash and Roydon Common.

In its response to consultation over the incinerator planning application, Natural England says the figures do not stack up, when it comes to claims over the impacts that the plant will have on the environment.

Press Release: CPRE - Outstanding Natural Beauty under threat

PRESS RELEASE - Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)

Communities and Local Government - Communities get Power to Protect Green Spaces

People are to be given the ability to protect environmentally and locally important special green spaces, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles and Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman announced today.

The Natural Environment White Paper, published today, includes proposals to give communities new powers to designate protected green areas as part of local neighbourhood plans.

Environment Agency - Waste company given steep penalty for permit breach

A waste company has been ordered to pay a total of £36,001 by magistrates after pleading guilty to breaching the conditions of its permit to run a Berkshire landfill site.

Grundon Waste Management Ltd operates the landfill site at a disused quarry at Star Lane, Knowle Hill, which takes around 60,000 tonnes of biodegradable commercial and industrial waste annually.

Bracknell Magistrates’ Court heard yesterday (Wednesday 29 September) that such sites can only operate legally if licensed by the Environment Agency.

The Independent - UK may have to import rubbish for incinerators

Waste Britain: Improved recycling rates mean that we may not have enough garbage to feed planned new plants

Sunday, 1 August 2010

British Society for Ecological Medicine - The Health Effects of Waste Incinerators

A report moderated by J Thompson and HM Anthony

Both the amount of waste and its potential toxicity are increasing. Available landfill sites are being used up, and incineration is being seen increasingly as a solution to the waste problem. This report examines the literature concerning the health effects of incinerators.

To read the full article please click here to be taken to the British Society for Ecological Medicine.

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