Donations to the WBAGI 'fighting fund'

Donations to the WBAGI 'fighting fund'

From the very start WBAGI has been very proactive in countering the proposals for an Incinerator and will continue to be so. This will require strong financial backing to fight Grundon for the duration and to engage the necessary professional support required, specifically appropriate planning expertise and legal advice.

WBAGI has launched its 'fighting fund' and has a series of fundraising initiatives in place to help raise the necessary finances. In the short term we need to raise approximately £50,000 to ensure we can do what we need to, whether it is pay for photocopying of flyers for distribution, hosting of the website, hire costs for venues, signage production or for the relevant professional services. Should the application proceed to a public enquiry we will need to raise considerably more, as it is at this stage that costs will escalate and the level of professional representation required will increase significantly.

We accept this is not a small task but we refuse to let the size of the task dictate how we respond. We will do whatever it takes within our control and funds available to ensure we achieve our objective.

Donations can be made directly using the bank details below or using a credit / debit card by clicking on the orange 'Donate' button on the right hand side of the page.

  • Account Number: 03062767
  • Account Name: WBAGI
  • Sort Code: 20-59-14
  • Branch: Barclays Newbury

The WBAGI Team appeciates your support