Which Application: Grundon Incinerator or Grundon Sand Extraction

Grundon have submitted two separate and distinct planning applications regarding the quarry site at Old Kiln Farm. The first application was for the extension of the existing quarry for sand and gravel extraction and the second was for the proposed development of the 'Newbury Incinerator'.

Whilst we believe that the two applications are linked with regards to Grundon's overall strategy they were submitted at different times, are at different stages of the planning process and are being considered separately. WBAGI is however tracking and providing information on both applications as we feel they are linked and it is important that neither application is granted permission.

However, with both applications progressing through the planning system and being at different stages in the process we feel it can become hard to distinguish between the applications especially when reading and digesting information. As such we have decided to use the sand castle icon to identify information that is specific to the sand and gravel quarry extension.

Sand and Gravel

Any pages containing this logo are related to the sand and gravel quarry extension and not the primary focus of the campaign, which is the proposal for the 'Newbury Incinerator'.

We hope that this will help to provide clarity on what the information being presented is related to.