State your Objection to the Proposed Newbury Incinerator

Lodge your objection to the Grundon Incinerator before 31 January 2012 quoting Planning Application Number: 11/02644/COMIND

Grundon’s Full Planning application for an Incinerator near Newbury is now with West Berkshire Planning.

If you want to download a pdf version of this information please click here

  • Sited at Old Kiln Farm within a “protected” Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Granting permission will set a dangerous precedent for ALL AONBs throughout the UK and threaten the green belt all the way around Newbury.
  • The incinerator is not an integral part of West Berkshire’s municipal waste management strategy or plan.  West Berkshire has already contracted Veolia for the next 22 years, a commercial competitor of Grundon. West Berkshire DOES NOT NEED this incinerator to meet any government or EU targets. West Berkshire is NOT a partner; the incinerator is a WHOLLY COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE offering little local employment (~30 employees)
  • The 250,000+ tonnes per annum waste feed will be 90% COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL WASTE transported in from East Berkshire and even Wiltshire. Indeed anywhere that Grundon can secure a commercial waste collection contract.
  • Emissions from the stacks will be dispersed over a 16+ mile radius.

If you already signed the petition, THANK YOU! But it is not enough….. we also need you to send your individual letter of objection NOW.

How to submit your objection

  • Send a short letter. See an example below (a template is available here) OR
  • Send an email. Please click here  for details on objecting by email OR
  • Complete the form on the West Berkshire planning website (link available from here, registration required)

PLEASE NOTE: We need as many individual letters of objection as possible eg two separate letters from two adults at the same address will be counted as two objections.

Planning & Countryside Department
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For the attention of Mr. Matthew Meldrum
Planning Application No: 11/02644/comind

Dear Mr. Meldrum,

I write with reference to the above planning application regarding the development at Old Kiln Farm in Chieveley by Grundon Sand and Gravel Ltd and wish to formally record my objection.

•    Your objection here (see below).

I sincerely hope that when the committee considers this proposed development they will take my objection into account and reject the application.

Yours sincerely,

Your objection could be along the following lines: Do these strike a chord with you?

Want to protect our Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)?

This planning application is for a site within a protected AONB.   Grundon has already demonstrated a disregard for this status, and ensuring the protection and conservation of this natural area, by failing to restore the Old Kiln Farm in line with their original sand extraction planning agreement and also by quarrying areas of it without planning permission
To override the protected status of an AONB requires that EXCEPTIONAL NEED is demonstrated. This application does not indicate any exceptional need and should be refused to prevent the destruction of the countryside and this AONB, and protect it for future generations.

Care about Newbury becoming the Incinerator Dump for Berkshire’s industrial  waste?

Huge investments  in Newbury over the past few years with regeneration projects such as the Parkway has presented the local community with an opportunity to revitalise the district, bring significant new employment to the area and restore civic pride in our market town. The building of a huge incinerator, disproportionate in size and character  to anything else in West Berkshire and which generates only 30-40 new permanent jobs will do little to enhance this economic rebirth and little to engender further investment from other parties. This application should be refused as it undermines all local economic development plans and will result in Newbury being renowned for all the wrong reasons.

If you want to download a pdf version of this information please click here.

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