Press Release: WBAGI will fight Grundon all the way opposing its planning application for a waste incinerator


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WBAGI will fight Grundon all the way opposing its planning application for a waste incinerator near Newbury on an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Monday, 19 December 2011:  Curridge, Berkshire:-

Grundon last week eventually delivered its planning application to West Berkshire Council almost one year after it submitted its scoping plan for a waste incinerator to be built near Newbury.

 The campaign group, West Berkshire Against Grundon Incinerator (WBAGI), who oppose the proposed building of a waste incinerator on a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty  (AONB) at Old Kiln Farm, near Newbury stated that they are prepared to fight Grundon all the way to a judicial review if necessary.

The process that now follows will be for the Council to validate the application, which they are hoping to complete prior to Christmas.  Once the application is validated it will be issued with a planning application reference and an orange notice will be displayed at the site.  It is only once this process is complete that the public can then comment to the Council upon the proposed application and can view the full planning application and all its associated documentation which will reveal the full scope of the proposed development.

Simon Conington, Chair of WBAGI stated, "We are not at all surprised that Grundon have chosen December to submit the application.  No doubt they will be hoping the festive break will disrupt campaigning.  However, quite the reverse is true as lots of people are at home on holiday and therefore able to help us spread the word.  Despite Grundon having made what we believe to be only a few minor modifications to their original plans, the point of principle remains unchanged to protect the countryside from inappropriate development such as this.  There are no waste incinerators on any AONB’s currently in the UK and that is for a good reason.  We are prepared to fight Grundon all the way to Judicial Review if necessary."

Grundon’s Bob Nicholson stated recently, "We are keen to support local causes and become a ‘good neighbour’ and integral part of the local community."  (Source: Newbury Weekly News 15 December 2011).

"This is an interesting aspiration bearing in mind Grundon have breached their existing planning conditions by having failed since April 2010 to return to agriculture and woodland the quarry at Old Kiln Farm near Newbury which is the proposed site for the waste incinerator.  Grundon have also started to quarry areas there without planning permission and are currently seeking a retrospective application for that.  All in all, to date, not a good demonstration of the ‘good neighbour’ you would care to have," commented Simon Conington, Chair of WBAGI.

WBAGI is organised and ready for the fight and is communicating with its registered database. It will be notifying them when the plans are open for public comment as well as posting fliers through doors in all local villages.  Should any members of the public wish to sign up for automatic updates on the campaign they can do so by registering at where full details on how to object will be posted when the time is right.


West Berkshire Against Grundon Incinerator (WBAGI) has been formed in response to an initial scoping document submitted to West Berkshire Council by Grundon, ahead of a potential planning application to build an Energy from Waste incinerator in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Group consists entirely of local residents who share a common concern over the potential planning  proposal and want to ensure sufficient consideration is taken in the decision making process of such a significant facility.