Press Release: Bucklebury Parish Council state their support of WBAGI campaign group


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Bucklebury Parish Council state their support of West Berkshire Against Grundon Incinerator (WBAGI) campaign group and a Bucklebury Roadshow will take place on 4 August 2011

Wednesday, 20 July 2011: Curridge, Berkshire:-

Bucklebury Parish Council are yet another Parish Council who have added their name to the already growing list of Parish Councils who have offered their direct support to the West Berkshire Against Grundon Incinerator campaign group. They have requested that the group host a Roadshow event in the parish so local people have the chance to find out more information about the proposal and potential implications of a 350,000 tonnes a year waste incinerator being built on an area of outstanding natural beauty at Old Kiln Farm, Curridge/Chieveley which is located approximately 4 miles from Bucklebury. The Roadshow event will take place on Thursday, 4 August at 8pm in the Victory Room, Bucklebury.

It is open to all Bucklebury residents or indeed anyone else who has missed their local Roadshow event and is interested in finding out more about the proposal and the potential implications.

Simon Conington, Vice Chair of WBAGI states, "It is heartening to see another Parish Council giving their support to our campaign. People are now realising that the building of the proposed 350,000 tonnes waste incinerator on an area of outstanding natural beauty has huge implications not only for the immediate area but indeed for all villages where areas of outstanding natural beauty and greenfield sites exist as none of them would be safe from potential industrialisation should this development go ahead."

Grundon had initially indicated that they would submit their planning application for the waste incinerator around Easter but have yet to submit it. Grundon recently indicated to BBC South Today that they were finalising the details on their planning application and that it would shortly be submitted.

West Berkshire Against Grundon Incinerator (WBAGI) has been formed in response to an initial scoping document submitted to West Berkshire Council by Grundon, ahead of a potential planning application to build an Energy from Waste incinerator in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Group consists entirely of local residents who share a common concern over the potential planning  proposal and want to ensure sufficient consideration is taken in the decision making process of such a significant facility.