Grundon fails its Planning Appeal for Beenham waste site: 12 July 2011

On 12th July 2011, Grundon's appeal to West Berkshire Planning to extend the restoration time of the Beenham waste site back to agricultural land FAILED.
Comment from Simon Conington, Vice Chair of WBAGI states,
 "It appears there is a trend in Grundon not restoring sites as per their original planning conditions. This is exactly what has happened at Old Kiln Farm in Curridge/Chieveley where they have been sand quarrying since April 1997 and is indeed the proposed location of the 350,000 tonnes waste incinerator. Grundon should have restored Old Kiln Farm by April 2010 to agriculture and woodland and have failed to do so and as such are in breach of their existing planning conditions there. The site at Beenham is just another example of their disregard and lack of respect for local communities and the local planning authority. It is heartening to see therefore the Grundon appeal on the Beenham site being refused.’’

To read the full Planning decision: