West Berkshire Against Grundon Incinerator Petition

Please note this page is related to the WBAGI Petition which has been submitted to the West Berkshire Council and is now closed. If you are looking for information related to submitting an objection against the Grundon Incinerator planning application please click here.

The West Berkshire Against Grundon Incinerator petition is now closed...

WBAGI would like to thank all those who added their name to our petition and helped demonstrate the strength of feeling against the incinerator proposition being developed by Grundon. The petition has been submitted to West Berkshire Council Executive Committee. Click here to be taken to the Press Release covering the presentation of the petition.


As part of the ongoing campaign against the proposal by Grundon to build a massive incineration facility in West Berkshire and in preparation for the submission of the planning application we have created a petition allowing the community to demonstrate the strength of it opposition. This petition will be delivered to the West Berkshire Council prior to any decision in order to indicate how the local residents feel about such a development.

We would like to ensure we can collect the maximum number of names so please don't delay in providing your details and please spread the word. The more submissions we have the stronger our collective voice will be.

In order to access the petition form please click on the link here (link no longer available).